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Updated: May 7, 2021

Horse Sense For Humans is a leading provider of mental health and personal development services incorporating horses.

Our team is trained in the Eagala Model where a qualified mental health professional, a qualified equine specialist and horses make up the therapeutic team.

Programs provide participants with a hands-on, experiential, approach for personal growth, helping participants recognize unhealthy patterns, build on their personal strengths and change their lives. Horses offer unique opportunities for one to discover inner strength beyond traditional talk therapy.

Because horses are highly sensitive and survive by paying close attention to their environment, they sense people’s true feelings and react to that energy, giving immediate, honest, non-judgemental feedback. One has to work to connect with a horse and find a way to develop a relationship with them based on trust- the same as in our personal lives. The activities with the horses are designed to represent real life situations where the horses can become symbols for the people, issues and challenges in life. When we change how we interact with the horses, the horses respond differently. This is where the learning occurs.

Session activities are all ground based, there is no riding and no prior experience with horses is necessary.

Programs are suitable for individuals, couples, families and team building groups. For further information or confidential discussion please contact Holly Olson

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