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The Loft at Mogendoura Farm

A timeless and unique old building with a pitched roof and enormous timber posts (from the farm) as the supports and rafters and a corrugated iron (a stunning sound when raining) roof that opens with views down to the creek. It was an area for Blacksmithing and livery stables. When looking to purchase the farm I was amazed at the extent of vintage wagons, carts, and carriages. With that all now gone, The Loft has been a storage area and my ‘Tack room’.

Following the 2020 fires after nearly losing this building (my husband put out the fire that had started in it) — The Loft has taken on a new lease of life. Whilst still my ‘tackroom’ it is now home to my vast eclectic collection. All manner of things have been upcycled from the farm and those treasures come together to create a space for celebration, creativity, and health.

Fabulous local artisans now hold workshops — everything from pottery, scented candle-making, felting, botanical-dying, flower-arranging and jewelry-making. The workshops are not only creative but have a strong focus on wellbeing. I enjoy preparing the food that accompanies every workshop. Using local produce and catering to all dietary needs as required I prepare everything from high teas to healthy lunches.

Given the success of the workshops I have had subsequent enquires for The Loft to be hired for small intimate events like Hens Parties and Baby Showers. Have an idea or event in planning? Contact me and I would love to discuss and help organize your special event.

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